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MFC4322 Assessment Question, Semester 1

Cahootify is an online project portfolio and team-forming platform for the creative production industries, (film, TV and video). It is a place to showcase skills or crew productions. It is all about helping creative production professionals make projects happen.

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allow users to create web-based profiles where people can interact and communicate, using social media tools. Social networks were initially designed for socializing with friends and family all over the world, these networking sites have come to be seen as an important professional tool as well, especially in the field of recruitment. The networks serve two different purposes. The first is as a marketing tool, jobseekers can use Social Networking Services to market themselves to potential employers. The second is as a screening mechanism, employers can use the information that is available via Social Networking Services to cheaply and simply gain an image of a potential employee.

Cahootify is a simple way to take a look at people that produce their own films alongside of creating other different types of media, hoping to get noticed to take their work and studies to a higher level. Each profile includes the name of the producer, where they are from and what work they produce, followed by a few keywords that are tagged, such as producer, editor, creator. Having these tags can be a complete bonus when it comes to communication between project members, this is because it is possible for professionals to meet other people that are into the same type of media, and can look at eachothers work, and are able to comment and be critical in order for them to improve and change their work if needs be. Friendships can be made over this platform and could eventually form people together to create a team of their own, especially if they’re into the same topic of media, such as film or photography, and these people could work together and create a portfolio and communicate over social media such as Facebook and discuss their ideas. Pages on Facebook could then be created to make the audience more aware of the work the clients produce and what sort of things they make, alongside of creating a Twitter page and a YouTube page.

Once a portfolio has been built on Cahootify, the best way to get it noticed is to share the portfolio on the most popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, or to create separate pages just for the work that has been created, and to upload it onto each social networking site so followers and friends see it, and possibly potential recruiters. Social media is more than just a ‘buzzword’, there are opportunities and results that it offers that can be beneficial to companies of all sizes, well known or not very well known. Social media provides a lot of benefits that can help market a finished product. It gives you the opportunity to begin listening to what others are saying about your company and work online. It also allows you to have one to one communication with your consumers which could really help when it comes to improving and changing work, it is also nice to hear a little bit of praise from consumers rather than just criticizing work, it can be used to gather feedback about new products and pieces of work too.

For people to look at your work online, it is important to have a professional presence, so people take the work you produce seriously, especially possible recruiters. One of the most important factors to creating an online presence, is to use a professional photo of yourself and use it throughout all of your online profiles. Using the same photo on all social media platforms helps potential clients and the media recognize you. Using cropped or unprofessional pictures can really look bad on your image, if it was taken on your mobile phone it shouldn’t be your profile picture. It is also important to sharpen up your resume and experience, and be consistent. If someone is looking  for you on the Internet and gets three or four different versions of what you have been up to these past few years, they are not likely to call you or visit your establishment. Be honest and straightforward about your experience, awards and purpose. It is very important as to why businesses and professionals need an online presence. Having a good online presence means more than simply putting up a little website with your company’s address and phone number. It means setting up a virtual version of your own business, with a welcoming informative website, also a Facebook page along with a Twitter account. This is the most important way to gain customers and an audience now a days, due to the amount of people that are active on social media. In this electronic era, more people search online for the products and the services they need as opposed to searching through a phone book, or going out looking in shops. The internet is always accessible, and every portal you offer online gives your business a virtual 24 hour show room. This allows potential customers to research your product or service after business hours, and in the privacy of their own home.

As Cahootify isn’t a very well known platform, to get the audience to have a look at your profile and what you have to offer it might be a good idea to add the link to your Cahootify to all of your existing social networking sites. This may promote people to create a Cahootify profile for them; especially if they want to share their own work online and try get noticed by it. The link to your Cahootify profile could simply be on the profile of a Twitter or Facebook account, including a brief summary as to what is shown on the page, if the link is posted without any idea as to what it is about, the audience and viewers may not click on it. Once viewers begin to click onto the Cahootify profile it will then become more popular, by either them making an account for themselves or talking about it to their friends or family members, that might have an interest in making a profile. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get people and social media noticed because people talk to people every single day, and those people talk to other people and so on, therefore causing everyone to be aware of it.

Personally after researching and having a look into Cahootify, I think that it is more of an online community more than a social networking site, because it is based on people showing of f their work mainly. Whereas social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, have a lot more to show, such as talking to people worldwide, being able to talk about anything and everything. Although Cahootify is a little bit like this, the people on there are more businesslike, whereas users of Twitter and Facebook range from young to older people, it is where people share pictures and memories as Cahootify is not about that, it is more for professional use only.


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The 1975

Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago I put up a blog post mentioning that I was going to be seeing one of my favourite ever bands live in concert, The 1975. After creating this photography blog I had a look at tips on getting a good photograph so then I could use what I have learnt and put it into practice when I went to see the band live, luckily I gave it a shot and came out with some pretty good pictures! Some of my favourite pictures are shown below. As you can see the set changed a lot throughout the concert and that gave me the ability to be able to try take lots of different shots. The quality isn’t great because the pictures have been taken on my iPhone but I am hoping that for Christmas I am going to get a better quality camera so I can carry on with my passion for photography.


I’m a Celebrity 2015

For the past few weeks all I have seen on my Twitter feed and all that I have been tweeting about is I’m a Celebrity get me out of here. It is the highlight of my weeknights, I look forward to getting comfy into bed, turning on the TV and watching the programme, Ant and Dec make the show! If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t find it as entertaining.

If for some reason I can’t watch the show and I am missing out, I know straight away I can log onto Twitter and there will be an online running commentary down my  news feed. Lady C this, Lady C that. That is what I love about popular TV shows and Twitter, I always know what is going on even when I can’t watch it!

I am currently sat here looking down the I’m a Celeb Twitter page and howling with laughter at some of the things the creator of this account come up with! If I find something really funny I will then retweet it for all of my followers to see.

It has been announced that Lady C has left the Jungle due to unknown reasons at the moment, I found this out because the account I follow called ‘I’m a Celeb Banter’ just put up a tweet with the pun saying ‘Lady C u later’



Top 10 Christmas Songs of 2015!

Hey Guys! Since the best time of year is just round the corner and school/college/uni work can be quite draining at this point, I thought I would share with you the top 10 Christmas songs for you to listen to as background music, whilst powering through those last couple of weeks of work. Or even better, songs that you can play when doing the fun stuff that Christmas brings such as decorating the house with lights and tinsel!

10: Wizzard – I Wish It Could be Christmas Everyday

Who doesn’t love that classic?!

9: Bobby Welms- Jingle Bell Rock

Remind anyone of a certain girly chick flick film?

8: Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas

Because driving home for Christmas really is the best feeling ever!

7: Slade- Merry Christmas Everybody

Yet again, another classic!

6: Nat King Cole-The Christmas Song

An old classic that I’m sure parents and grandparents are fond of!

5: Doris Day – Winter Wonderland

You have probably heard this in a lot of Christmas films

4: Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby

One of the most popular Christmas songs out there!

3: Wham- Last Christmas

Probably in my top 3 favourite Christmas songs!

2: Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas

My second favourite which matches number 2 on the ranking!

1: The Pogues- Fairytale of New York

My ultimate favourite Christmas song!!


On Wednesday 18th November, I will be attending the 1975 concert, I will be taking lots of pictures which will be then posted onto here. The bands new set is pink, bright and colourful so will really contrast with the pictures I also took from the time I went to see the band last year. Because last time the set was dark and more mysterious looking. So next week I will be posting pictures from the concert. Before I go, I had a look online at photography tips to help me with my techniques, especially because I now run this blog and will be posting the pictures on here for people to see, I want my pictures to be the best quality they can be.

I look forward to sharing my pictures with you guys 🙂

The 1975 return with a bang


On 1st June 2015, a well known pop/alternative The 1975, band pulled a publicity stunt by deleting all of their social media accounts at midnight, leaving fans going wild and rumours flying around that the band itself has broken up.

A few weeks down the line they came back with a brand new style, completely opposite to their original which shocked everyone and made them the talk of the month. Their original style was black and white which looked formal and serious, it also made the band look quite mysterious and unique due to no other band having the theme as black and white. They came back with a completely new pink theme and everything is pretty and floral.

They then went on to putting the words ‘love me’ and a countdown on their twitter account, each band member itself and the legit band account, also the producer of this band got involved too. This made all of the fans curious as to what on earth the band was going to come up with next.

After a month of teasing fans the band finally released their new single on Radio 1 on 8th October at 7:30pm, and they then spoke about when their new album is going to be released which is in February 2016.

The band are soon to start their UK tour and then going on to performing in other countries afterwards.

Instagram in a nutshell

insta logo

The most common way to be identified on Instagram is through the use of usernames. Usernames are unique to the user as no two usernames can be the same, this therefore makes it easier to search someone you know and want to follow. When you first open Instagram up you will see the most recent posts from those who you follow and together these make up the most taxonomies of Instagram. Taxonomies are a structured form of classification – in simpler terms it’s the way Instagram organises information to suit you.

Another way to be identified on Instagram is through the use of hashtags, as on Instagram the hashtags are one of the key features. They are used more commonly on Instagram than they are on other social media sites as on here hashtags are a way of getting your posts seen. Some of the most common hashtags used are – likeforlike, followforfollow, food, friends, party, girl, boy, love. When you use a hashtag it shows you how popular that particular hashtag is, this then encourages you to search that hashtag and look at what other posts people have put with that particular one. Using brands as your hashtags, for example Coca Cola and Topshop, also makes your posts more noticeable as these are defined brands that everyone knows and loves. Doing this has become sort of a trend as each day goes on more and more people use brands in their hashtags. In technical terms, hashtags are practically Instagrams main folksonomy. For Instagram a folksonomy is the system developed through the tags and keywords that the user uses.

Time is another important element when it comes to posting on Instagram, the peak times are 11-2 and 5-7 on weekdays, and Sunday is a really interactive day with the most users being active for most part of the day. However one key tip is not to post too often, but still stay active as you don’t want to discourage your followers interest.

All the features we have discussed above would be useful to anyone starting out on Instagram and wanting to get their posts noticed.

Helpful links

After looking online for a while, I came across a helpful website that step by step tells you ways to make photography more effective. I found this website really informative, especially the concert photography section, there are different sections that will interest different kind of people, depending on what kind of photography they like to get involved in.

My downfall in taking pictures, is the fact they aren’t always in good focus. This website gets straight to the point and helped me a lot with tips on how to take a better photograph.


I like looking at pictures of concert photography because I think the use of colour and lighting looks really effective.

I also took a look at ways to make my own photography better, I found a website which was very informative in a different way, it was unique because it had a step by step guide on how to make your photography better, but each step asked you a rhetorical question. The rhetorical question made you think about your own pictures a lot more rather than just sitting and scrolling down a normal informative website. I found it a lot more interesting as I find that websites that just have tonnes of information can become boring, and I find myself skipping out half of the website.

Concert Photography and Videos

Music is a big thing for everyone and anyone, there are so many different types of music that people can connect to and express their feelings through, even if it is playing music themselves, or listening to the radio or an acoustic cover online.

The best thing about music is that there is such a wide variety of songs and genres. You can listen to it at any time or any place using different pieces of technology. Technology has become so much popular over the past few years especially with music, there are now different accounts and apps you can sign up to, and therefore can listen to music online or offline, such as Spotify, Deezer.

Being a music lover myself, my real passion is going to concerts and watching bands and artists play live, I like watching bands that aren’t very well known, and i also like going to huge venues to see an artist that everybody loves.

I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures and videos from concerts and keeping them together to look back on when I get PCD (post concert depression)

Here are a few of my favourite pictures that I have taken in the past:


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